Get rewarded for Working Out

Survival of the fittest.



and get points for working out

Win a brand new Jeep

What you get

Our members get access to our online fitness challenges, and every time you complete a challenge, film it and upload it to your profile, you will earn points, progress through levels, get badges, coins and gems. See if you can make it to Ambassador Level. By taking part in tournaments you can win a variety of prizes from a brand new Jeep to prepaid Mastercards. 


Become an It’s Fitness Ambassadors and get access to unique apparel and store discounts.  Upload your Challenge today and take the first step. 



Sign up today to take on the fitness challenges, earn points, climb ranks and Become an Ambassador. It’s Fitness is a totally online fitness community with members in multiple countries. Simply film your fitness challenge, upload it to your profile and earn points. The beauty of It’s Fitness means that you can do fitness challenges and compete against players around the world without leaving the comfort of your home or gym.

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