Hi, my name is Fox and I’ve been involved in the world of fitness for over 40 years. I’ve competed in tournaments, marathons, ultra-marathons, triathlons and OCRs all over the world, so when you come around to doing my Foxy Challenges, you’ll know you’re in for a tough one! I got my start as a PT when fitness was still a bad word, and I’ve seen it shift into a buzz-word! Across the vastness of the World Wide Web and the countless hundreds of thousands of fitness apps, I have yet to come across one where users can climb levels, earn rewards, and test themselves against other fitness nuts (sorry, enthusiasts) around the world. Hence, my creation of It’s Fitness.

Fox – General dog’s body
Nanook – Director of hugs and cuddles

It’s Fitness was devised as an online community born out of a desire to keep things fun, engaging and interesting. With your help I’d like to make this the world’s largest collection of fitness nuts enthusiasts. Players can climb ranks by doing fitness challenges and interacting on the site. 

There’s no uppity, big-money tech-company behind It’s Fitness. We’re a small group of dedicated fitness enthusiasts who love doing challenges! Thus, our ad-free, free-membership experience only grows through word of mouth, it relies on you, our members, to grow the community.

Our Customer Service Promise

Customer service isn’t hard, but in today’s world it is often over looked. We feel good customer service is key, so we promise that when ever you email us, whether it’s good or bad, you will have a response within 24 hours, by a real person. We aren’t just a business, we’re a community. It’s Fitness grows with its members, so if you have a thought or idea, tell us.

We also promise never to misuse or sell your data, the only time we get in touch with you in when it’s relevant to you.