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Iain Kevin Waite

Iain is a yoga instructor and personal trainer that has earned certifications by the YOGA ALLIANCE (500 E-RYT & YACEP)American Council of Exercise, the Register of Exercise Professionals, advanced instructor level 3 in the United Kingdom and the European Register of Exercise Professionals. With over 10 years experience in the industry, Iain has successfully trained a multitude of clients in Toronto, Canada; Miami, Florida; London, England and Paris, France.


Iain specializes in an Ashtanga based yoga vinyasa power flow and yin. He also utilizes many elements of his intermediate and advanced yoga asanas and sequences when personal training. He is particularly fond of training self-labelled “older” individuals and helping them achieve yoga/fitness goals never thought possible or not experienced since their teens or twenties.


For more information on retreats & classes or to book a private yoga or PT session, call us on +33 7 86 18 11 01 or just send a message.


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