Beta Testers Wanted

Who we need

1. Fitness nuts (sorry, enthusiasts).

2. Who can spare 1-2 minutes a day.

3. Who can commit to a four month beta

4. Who want to compete in climbing ranks.

Challenge yourself, Challenge others

What do you get

1. Be first to try this new fitness revolution.

2. Get your say in how to build it and what to add to it.

3. You get to pick and choose who you want to join.

4. Extra coins.

5. You get the advantage of being high up the ranks before its official launch.

6. You will have earned a ton of points, coins and gems.

7. There’s only 5000 of you competing for ranks and cash prizes.

8. The chance to win an all inclusive holiday and become the face of It’s Fitness. Find out more here.

The aim of our beta test is to get you trying out the site, profile, challenges and games before we launch our app later in the year. This ambitious project is being funded by myself so I’m limiting the beta test to ensure its manageable and your experience is the best possible one. If you’re not active for too long then your account may be removed to make room for new users, but don’t worry, we’ll alert you first. You’ll be trying our challenges, playing the games and helping us find any glitches we may not have noticed before it’s general release. We’re always looking for volunteers to moderate posts and videos, so message an admin if you’re interested. Finally, if you’re a PT, Fitness model or gym nut that would like to be featured in our fitness challenge library, hit us up for more information.