Frequently Asked Questions

While you work to earn your medal, Extinct Fitness will provide you daily challenges to complete. Plus in our tournaments you create your own challenges. A fitness challenge is only limited by your imagination from press ups/pull ups to jumping 6ft in the air and landing with one foot on a dumbbell. We only ask that they are safe, and the videos are no longer that two minutes.

You mean “you’re too scared to do the challenge” This should not take up extra time as challenges are done along side your normal workouts. Each challenge is 1-2 minutes long so could be done in less time then it takes to do your teeth, everyone can squeeze these into their day

Each member gains points for uploading challenges, completing challenges. Plus you can earn extra points in the tournaments, Foxy Challenges and Online games.

We’re delighted you want to take part but you’ll need to sign up as everyone else does. You will have to try and earn ambassador status with us.

Daily Challenges are posted to your profile, in the settings you can edit who can see your profile. However in the tournaments you will have to submit a challenge that other tournament members can watch and attempt.

Nope, just take part and earn your way there.

Got a question?

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here you can either send us an email or use the attached form.