Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s 100% free and you can climb all the levels to Ambassador with no hidden costs.

No, you have to climb the levels and earn the right to become an Ambassador.

British pounds, US Dollars and Euros.

No, entry to all tournaments is Foxy Coins. Foxy Coins are earned various different ways as you progress through the levels. You can purchase a Foxy Coin pack from the shop if you wish to speed up the process. This helps us to pay for the future build of the site.

I wanted to create an online fitness community that can not only compete in fitness challenges but can help motivate each other through social media and get away from all the negativity attached to social media platforms.

The Shop, like other parts of the site is being developed as the Beta progresses.

No, purchasing Foxy Coins is the only source of income the site has to pay for new features, app and development, we thank you for that. You are certainly not a cheater you are a fantastic human being. The only advantage it gives you is, buying more Foxy Coins means you can enter more Tournaments and this gives you more chances to win.  

This takes between 1 minute and 10 minutes a day just deduct it from other social medias. 

During the Beta test this is easier for our small team to manage and it also keeps costs down.

No, We don’t sell any type of fitness or nutrition plans. We are a fitness challenge site

No Foxy Coins can only be spent on It’s Fitness