How it works

Members of It’s Fitness are part of a unique, exclusively online community that do fitness challenges.

Get rewarded for working out​

The page is filled with fitness challenge videos, which are added to every month, filmed by gyms, personal trainers and fitness professionals. It’s Fitness works like this, each day you can select new fitness challenges, whether it’s heart pumping high intensity, sweat drenching, muscle aching or body holds that will make a minute feel like eternity just film your version and upload it to your profile. Don’t forget to share it on social media with the hastag #ItsFitness and #ItsFitnessAmbassador to be featured as part of our Ambassador program. Hashtags are essential, they help us monitor your progress, share your hard work and help get the word out about It’s Fitness.

It takes no time at all to do a challenge. The challenges are 1-2 minutes long meaning filming your challenge takes less that the time it does to brush your teeth. For each challenge you do you will be rewarded with points, gems and coins. You can also earn more points for uploading your fitness selfies and interacting in groups and on profiles. 

As you climb the levels you can unlock access to Foxy Challenges, Featured Challenges and tournaments to earn even more points try harder challenges and to really test your skills.


Points are earned for every day activities on It’s Fitness, from uploading challenge videos to getting more likes on your challenges. As your point balance goes up you will climb the leader board.

Foxy Coins

Foxy Coins are our special currency to access tournaments where you can win Shop Discounts and a range of prizes like Go-pro cameras, wearable fitness trackers and pre-paid Mastercards.


Gems and Diamonds

Gems are earned every time you go up the every ranks, You will also get Gems for referring friends. Gems are the main currency to unlock Foxy Challenges and Featured Challenges. 


Leader board

Each rank has its own leader board each with 100 members, so you can see where you stand among your peers. Make it to the top of the leader board and you can get promoted, fall too far down and you may drop back.

Small Foxy

Foxy Challenges

Unlock the next level of fitness challenge. Foxy Challenges are created by Foxy himself. Foxy challenges will test your endurance, strength and stamina.


Everyone starts at the bottom, how hard you work will determine how high you can climb. There are different ranks for you to climb, each with their own badge to display on your profile. Make it to the top rank and you will be an It’s Fitness Ambassador, which comes with a host of perks.

Online Tournaments

Tournaments are a chance for you to show off your skills by creating your own fitness challenge and challenging other members to complete them. Battling to the top of the leader board to earn extra points, gems and diamonds. Entry to every Tournament gives you a unique banner for your profile. 

Earn the Ambassador Title

It’s Fitness Ambassadors represent the brand, they are our champions, they have made it to the top and help show others how It’s Fitness works. As an Ambassador you can also gain Pole Position in tournaments to get a head start on competitors. We don’t ask our Ambassadors to sell products, sign up members or fill out application forms, this title is earned. With the title of Ambassador come a few perks:

Pole Position in Tournaments

50% off Branded Ambassador apparel

25% off merchandise

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