The Levels

You will be put into groups of 100. Moving up levels is based solely on your point score. At the end of each week, those players with the highest scores on the leader board will progress to the next level. a percentage of players will stay on their level, and some, if you’ve not earned enough points, may drop behind.

Once you make it to the Ambassador levels you will be safe from demotion. As you move up the ranks the number of players progressing reduces and the number staying still or dropping back goes up. You can earn points from uploading your challenge videos and various interactions with players on the site.



Collect achievement badges for your profile when you pass milestones on the site, there are over 15 achievements to collect.

Earn your points, coins and gems

Points are your way of climbing the leader board, earn them for daily activities and completing your daily challenges. Foxy Coins are Foxy’s special reward for completing his challenges they can gain you access to a tournament. Gems are a little treat which you earn for progressing through levels and gives you access to the Foxy Challenges. Watch out for a chance to earn some diamonds, these little beauties can be used for a discount in the shop, so you can treat yourself to a new T-shirt or sports wear. 

points group


Tournaments are your chance to take on other players and win some cash prizes. When you take part in a tournament you create your own challenge to challenge other players. Every time you compete in a tournament you’ll earn a banner for your profile. Banners unlock higher tournaments with bigger cash prizes

Group banners

Foxy Challenges

Foxy knows what it takes to test a human. So each month he designs some crazy challenges to get you sweating. These five minute long challenges can be anything so you best bring your A game. Send Foxy your submission and he will reward you with extra points and gems as well as some Foxy Coins. 

Small Foxy


Once you achieve the first level of ambassador you are safe! You can no longer move down the levels. To achieve Elite Ambassador you need to be in the top 5% of your group. To achieve Master Ambassador you must be number one on your leader board. Only the top 1% of players  will get to this position. 

The first male and first female to achieve this level will become the faces of It’s Fitness and will get a fully paid days modelling package and goody bag. Find out more on our prizes page.