Terms and conditions


In this document “we” “us” and “our” will refer to Extinct Fitness a company owned by Foxes Box. “you” “member/s” and “your” will refer to any person who confirms they agree to these terms and conditions to take part in the Extinct Fitness challenge.

Part one – general

All rights over media, logos, and intellectual property is owned by Foxes Box. We reserve the right to cancel memberships and accounts if members do not abide by these terms and conditions or the rules of the site and challenges. In the case of a member’s account being deleted or removed because they have failed to abide by these terms will not have any moneys reimbursed to them. Any member’s accounts being deleted or removed because they have failed to abide by these terms will be able to re-apply provided they understand and agree to the terms. We do not take responsibility for any actions taken by your gym, including but not restricted to gym membership being cancelled, nor do we take responsibility if the actions of your videos, or training for them result in police, legal or court actions being taken. We do not take responsibility if you injure yourself or anyone else during training for or videoing your challenges. Memberships are detailed in GBP because we are a British Company, all members must be over the age of 18 upon agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Prizes are subject to change depending on the exchange rate at the time. Where upon a member is unable to complete a challenge due to physical or mental disability another challenge will be supplied in its place.

Part Two – conduct

All members of the site agree to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Videos uploaded to the site along with profile pictures and all images should not include any explicit material such nudity deemed inappropriate by site administrators, drug use, inappropriate language or violence. Any accounts with this type of material will be deleted.

Part Three – Videos

Extinct Fitness and Foxes Box take no responsibility for any injuries members receive during challenges or videos. It is the duty of the member to understand any equipment and workouts they are completing as part of the challenge. Videos must be uploaded in a proper format in keeping with the site abilities. Extinct Fitness and Foxes Box take no responsibility for members unable to take part in a challenge due to videos not being compatible with the site. Duplicate videos cannot be uploaded  multiple times.

Part Four – Points

Points will be awarded for uploading and completing challenges, taking part in tournaments, Foxy challenges and Featured challenges. Any member found to be manipulating or hacking the points system in any way will have their account removed and no refund give.

Part Five – Prizes 

Prizes are subject to change. We reserve the right to change prizes depending on the prize fund available. T-shirts awarded through Foxy Challenges or Tournaments can be collected via the online shop (Postage and packing will be charged). Extinct Fitness reserves the right to withdraw prizes in the event of company closure. T-shirts and prizes can take up to 3 months delivery depending on the country and distance of delievery.

Part Seven -Refunds and cancellations

Refunds will not be given if a member is unable to continue with the competition for any reason. This does not affect your statutory rights. If a refund is accepted the cost of any post and packing and any materials kept by members will not be refunded. 

Part Eight – Referring friends

You can refer friends to Extinct Fitness at any time. This helps us grow our community and protect more animals from extinction. Gems  are credited to those who successfully refer a friend to Extinct Fitness. Friends must add your name in the designated section upon sign up in order to qualify you for the Gems. Gems will be credited to your account within 72 hours of successful sign up.


Part Nine – Personal Trainers

Extinct Fitness takes no responsibility for injuries caused by incorrectly carrying out any workout. Anyone completing or submitting a personal trainer challenge must ensure it is in a safe environment and does not cause injury. Any submissions of fitness challenges will become property of Extinct Fitness to be used for marketing, publication or for the website.