Our online Tournaments give you a chance to show your skills, you're only limited by your imagination. Create a challenge unique to you and dare the world to attempt it, or separate yourself from the crowd and test your grey matter with our puzzles, and because their all online, you can do challenges without leaving the comfort of your home or gym.

The Tournaments

Monthly Themed

Unlock Monthly Tournaments

Win Tournament Flags

Win points and gems

Win Shop discounts


Join with your friend

Win Tournament Flags

Win Double Trouble T-shirts

Win Shop discounts

Win points, gems and coins


Unlock Ultra Tournaments

Win Tournament Flags

Win Shop discounts

Win exclusive T-shirts 

Win extra points, coins and gems


Battle through 5 rounds

Win Tournament Flags

Win Shop discounts

Win exclusive T-shirts 

Win Amazon vouchers

Win Prepaid Mastercards

Win tickets to the Ultimate Extinct Games

Win a brand new Jeep


Unlike the daily challenges the tournaments are designed by you, our members. You create your own challenges and other people get to attempt them. When you join a tournament you’ll get access to a unique page of member created fitness challenges, how many can you complete?


These are online games, quizzes and puzzles to earn extra points. However be careful, get any of the games wrong and you’ll lose points.


Not only do the tournaments give you the chance to score more points, coins and gems but you can also win some amazing prizes like shop discounts, T-shirts, Amazon vouchers, Prepaid Mastercards, tickets to the Ultimate Extinct Games and even a brand new Jeep.

Tournament Prizes

Tournaments are your chance to earn more than just points. Make it to the top of the leader board and you could bag some extra points, gems and coins as well as T-shirts and other prizes.

In the Monthly tournaments you can get your hands on some extra points, coins and gems as well as the chance to get a discount in our shop and stock up on some Extinct Fitness goodies. The Double Trouble tournaments have the added chance of you and your buddy winning some exclusive Double Trouble T-shirts. The Ultra tournaments could see you winning even more points, coins and gems plus one of our Ultra T-shirts.

Unlock the Mega Tournaments and you have the chance to win a host of amazing prizes from Amazon Vouchers and Prepaid Mastercards to tickets for the Ultimate Extinct Games and a brand new Jeep.

Just join one of our Tournaments and see how you fair against other members, success is one fitness challenge away.

Claim your place at the Ultimate Extinct Games

The Ultimate Extinct Games will be the worlds most exclusive obstacle course. Only those who earn their place will get to attend the course. With 50 zones to battle through and the course all to yourself you will have to complete EVERY challenge to earn your finishers medal and the chance to win $100,000.